Where’s the bloody summer???

So you move to the other side of the world, a place of sun, sea and sand. A place which has been in drought for years, a place which claims to have 342 days of sunshine a year on average. Then the summer of 07/08 comes along and blows all that out of the water.

The drought has broken, “Hurrah!” exclaim the farmers and those living in cities with heavy water restrictions. “Bollocks” exclaim the tourists and every other person with any sense including me. Those in the UK will be pleased to hear that they aren’t the only ones who never saw their summer, I haven’t seen much yet either.

I’ve only been to the beach about 3 times this summer so far which is obscene, and the New Year trip up to Lismore was a tad wet with an impromptu swimming pool forming in the campsite.

Apparently it’s all something to do with ‘La Nina’, now I don’t know who she is but I wish she’d just bugger off. If you’re of a meteorological bent here’s some sciencey stuff.

I guess the point of this rant is to make those in the UK feel a little bit better about not having a Summer in 07, you’re not alone…..roll on Winter!

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