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Ah the life of an Englishman in New South Wales….well let’s just call it Sydney shall we, though I’m no Quentin Crisp, the original Englishman in New….er, er, New York actually but close enough. You may recall the Sting song of the same name, or maybe you don’t, of course I am by no means condoning the listening to of the ex-Police frontmans songs, god no! Neither do I have a cravat and hat, though through the joys of photoshop I have been able to see what I look like with both….rather dashing don’t you think?? >>>>>

This little blog intends to be the musings of a pommie boy living in a place which shouldn’t really be a foreign land but in so many ways is. For instance, today I bought a couple of packs of McVitie’s Caramel Digestives from the ‘Treats From Home’ store in the Imperial Arcade Pitt St. Nothing particularly unusual about that really, oh and they were a total bargain at only $1 a pack (out of date of course but still entirely edible). No the thing that perfectly illustrates how foreign this country is is the pronunciation of McVitie’s. Us English types will pronounce it to rhyme ‘vit’ with ‘bit’….but oh no, over here they pronounce it with the ‘vit’ rhyming with ‘bite’….McViteie’s…..apparently they pronounce ‘vitamins’ the same way, and don’t even get me started on how they pronounce ‘data’!

So there ya go, just an example, I guess it’ll just be my musings on what surprises, amuses, excites, intrigues and annoys me about living in this island-as-big-as-a-continent they call Austraya….

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