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17 Mar

365:2010 – February Highlights

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Catch up post number two, it got a bit tougher to get the inspiration on some days in the second month which was a bit of a worry as there’s 10 more to go! However every day I still managed to find something to photograph. Here are my favourite images from 365:2010 in Feb:

Stir Stick Flower

This collection of drink sticks looked like some blossoming wooden flower, taken at work with my iPhone.


Beautifully colourful range of pastels on display in an art store, taken with my iPhone.


Loved the lighting and that they’re all heading in a different direction with the heel of their back leg off the floor, taken with my iPhone and converted using PS Mobile.


Picture of the cold tap on my bathroom sink, taken with my Panasonic Lumix FX38 and enhanced in Photoshop CS3

If you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr and if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the photo posted daily to your news feed.

08 Dec

It Takes Allsorts

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Allsorts 5
I’ve been doing a course at the Australian Centre of Photography over the last 5 weeks…..more about that in the next post though. As part of that course I spent some time on a mini-project taking pics of sweets; liquorice allsorts and jelly beans to be precise. In one of those language quirks the Aussies call sweets ‘lollies’, which is bizarre coz in the UK a lolly has to have a stick in it, and for the benefit of any American readers sweets/lollies = candy. So if you enjoy salivating over images of yummy food go take a look at the whole collection.