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29 Dec

No Smiling….and plans for 2010

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No Smiling

With it being Christmas ‘n’ all I though this adapated ‘No Stopping’ sign seemed very appropriate, good on those that take the infrastructure of our regulated world and shove two fingers up at them.

On another note, coming in 2010 is my attempt at the daily photo concept; 365:2010. I will be posting a photo to my Flickr account every day, the rule is that the image must have been taken by me on that particular day. Being one of the iPhone owning masses I’ll be taking advantage of the Flickr app.

Then once a month I’ll be posting my favourite images to this blog. I think it’ll be a challenge to find something interesting every day, but then again does it have to be ‘interesting’, can it just be every day, can it just illustrate a part of my daily life…guess I’ll find out soon enough.

07 Jul

Recorded is our love….

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Recorded is our love.....

This short love poem drew my attention the other day. It was scrawled on a wall at the back of a petrol station in Surry Hills, Sydney. You don’t often find guys professing their love for each other in grafitti, I just thought it was really cool. I wonder who Dave and Johnny are?