Sydney Dust Storm….life on Mars?

Sydney September Dust Storm - Life on Mars?

So this story will have made it’s way round the web pretty quickly as Sydney woke up to what looked like life on Mars on Weds 23rd Sep. It was actually the wind that woke me at 6am but as I glanced out of the window I saw this bizarre orange glow. At first glance I thought it was fog, but with the wind there was no way it could be, so after switching on the radio I discovered I was experiencing one of Sydney’s worst dust storms in 70 years.

It looked like the end of the world, a nuclear winter, the orange glow being caused by the low angle of the sun at that time of the morning. As the sun rose the sky took on a less dramatic light beige hue. Stories about the storm are on news sites the world over and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were flooded with images from camera phones. This multimedia gallery from the Sydney Morning Herald pretty much sums up the day.

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