Sparkly and Beaming

It’s just like one of those ads in the mags isn’t it….but no photoshop here, it’s actually me! I’ve just spent a few bucks on a course of home whitening after getting the moulds and kit from the dentist.

When I was merely a teen I got a stone in my face, thanks to some charming individual, which chipped the front right tooth (as you’re looking at it). That got filled and has been there ever since, not bad going for over 15 years but as you can see it was getting a little discoloured. So once the whitening was done the filling was replaced to match the new colour of the rest of the teeth.

I guess I don’t have to point out which is before and which is after. Doesn’t the before pic look hideous??? I’m sure the extreme close up and flash made them look worse, and as I was looking at them every day I didn’t really think the change was very dramatic. But now putting the two pics together you can see the difference. So now I’m ready to flash the gnashers at the papparrazi that stalk me on a regular basis.

You can click on the pic for an even bigger version if you dare!

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