Room for two more Queens in Sydney?

Queen Mary 2 & Queen Elizabeth 2

Well they were pretty massive but Sydney still managed to squeeze them in. The Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 made a historic rendezvous in Sydney yesterday, the one and only time they will meet in their current world cruises. It’s also significant because their original namesakes also came to Sydney together during World War II. No idea whether this would have been mentioned outside of Oz but it did get a story on the BBC News site.

Yesterday at dawn the Queen Mary 2 cruised into the harbour complete with hundreds of small craft escorting her in. I was busy having a swim and doing Body Balance so couldn’t make it down there. At 71m high and 345m long she’s too big to fit under the Harbour Bridge or dock at the International Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, so the QM2 was docked at the Garden Island naval base. This meant there was no public access to get close to the ship.

However there were a number of vantage points to see her and at lunchtime I jumped on Monty (that’s the scooter!) and rode over to Mrs Macquaries Point. The traffic in the city was hell, the visiting ship caused chaos as people tried to get to the harbour to see her….tho things were due to get worse. Luckily with only two wheels I managed to get there tho it still took much longer than it should, fired off a few pics and headed back.

The main event of the day was the arrival of the QE2 at about 7pm, again accompanied by hundreds of small boats, she cruised into the harbour and the two ships saluted each other with their horns. I couldn’t make it again coz I was playing softball but you could still hear the horns where I was which was about 10km away!

Finally a fireworks display celebrated the arrival of both ships. The QM2s visit was short and sweet as she left at 11pm the same day, in her wake she left an outcry over the fact that the city effectively melted down into traffic gridlock and chaos. Clearly the authorities were totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and cars pouring into the city to see this occasion, and now the media are calling for heads to roll and apologies and so they should!

The QE2 is now docked at Circular Quay for a couple of days so I wandered down there and took a few pics, not as impressive as the QM2 and not drawing as many crowds but still a very impressive lump of metal. Now I’ve just gotta save the $250,000 it costs to do a round the world trip on the QM2 in a top of the range suite.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a helicopter at the mo (it’s next on the list) so here’s an excellent slideshow of images of the QM2s arrival, a video of the QE2 arrival and fireworks, and finally a gallery of images from the day…should be enough to be going on with.

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