Post Gay Christmas Blues and Balls

SparklesSo that’s it for another year…..well actually Mardi Gras was over two weeks ago but as usual i’m being slack as on the whole blog front, so much for one a week ey…will keep trying.

Despite Sydney’s distinct lack of a summer the skies were blue for the parade on the Saturday night, though there was a chilly wind. I managed to get a media pass again so took pics in the parade as it made it’s way up Oxford St.

After that I nipped home and got changed for the party which luckily was only a 10 minute walk away at the Entertainment Quarter. Me being a lightweight I only managed to last till about 3.30am before heading home in the rain with no taxis in site.

I was punished the next day by having a stomach bug that laid me out for two days, so when I should have been partying and finishing off the weekend with a bang (so to speak) I was in and out of bed and the loo….nice.

It all goes quiet after Mardi Gras, just like normal Christmas everyone hibernates for a bit to recover from the excesses and lack of money. Good job then that PKF (the company I work for) threw a free Masquerade Ball last Friday. Actually I organised it to be precise and a marvellous night was had by all, aided of course by an evening of free drink and food.

Me, Luke & Markus

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