Observations on Package Design – Part 2

Pepsi Rebrand

Time for another logo update, this time it’s Pepsi, and with a logo change comes an update of package design. These two examples were found in a local supermarket, going left to right, old Pepsi can, new Pepsi can, old Pepsi Max bottle, new Pepsi Max bottle. The change is finally being rolled out in Australia after launching in the US earlier in the year and being rolled out across the world, the UK got the re-brand in August.

As you can see the red, white and blue logo has had a major update and the Pepsi wordmark changes from italicised caps to a circular lowercase font. The introduction over here is a little different to the US, take a look at the rebrand gallery and you’ll notice that the logo is slightly different between standard Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi products (the white element is thinner in diet products and bigger in the max product, clever ey!).

There’s tons of info out there on the web about the rebrand exercise (though the Australian site isn’t that great or up to date!) so I won’t repeat it all here but if you’re a design geek like me then you can find out more at pepsico.com and in this document detailing how the logo evolved.

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