Murder on the Bathroom Floor

Bathroom 5
Well more bathroom sink and shower…..anyway, last week I finished a course called ‘Camera Raw’ at the Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, Sydney. It was a 5 week course explaining how to work with raw files and Photoshop’s Camera Raw plugin. Before starting the course I was shooting RAW+JPG out of the camera and pretty much never touched the RAW files as I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do with them.

5 weeks later and I’m only shooting RAW and have discovered the delights of using Bridge and Camera Raw to process the files. So what’s that got to do with a bathroom murder? The image above is from a series I took for the course and it’s the one I’ve selected for the end of term exhibition, it will be printed on A2 metallic paper so should look pretty cool. You can find the whole series on flickr.

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