Look at me, look at me!!

Where I live in Sydney - Close Up

Well not quite me but you can now get a close up look at the roof of my apartment after Google Maps updated their images of Sydney with higher res photos taken on Australia Day this January. Unfortunately I wasn’t up there hanging out the washing that day otherwise you could have seen my smalls. Click on the pic above to see full size.

You can now even see the sunbathers on Bondi Beach close enough to pick out who’s in speedos and who’s in shorts! The pic below shows where I live in relation to the places you’ve probably heard of in Sydney. I’m about a half hour walk to work, 45 mins to the Opera House. Click on the pic to see full size.

Where I live in Sydney

It’s pretty cool to see the city close up from above so if you want to have a play yourself start on Bondi Beach here on Google Maps.

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