Lights On, Lights Off

Lights on, Lights off

This evening Sydney switched off its’ lights between 8pm and 9pm for the second Earth Hour….well most of its’ lights, oh ok, maybe about 60%, you still need to be able to see where you’re going you know. Most significant were the switch offs at the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Sydney held the first Earth Hour last year and this year it has spread to over 370 locations including New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Is it really useful? Will it really help? Well I guess it’s all about raising awareness, though some people think the exercise is so pointless that they’ve created an anti Earth Hour petition encouraging people to turn everything on for the hour, doesn’t look like it was a big hit though with only 87 signatures. Critics from last year pointed out that the amount of energy saved would only be the equivalent of taking 6 standard cars off the road for a year.

Personally I was out taking those pics so no lights were on in my place, effectively I just saved the planet….yay, go me!

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