Home, sweet new home….

Lounge 2

Well actually not very new as I moved in at the end of March! Yes after dragging my arse round open inspections since January (see The Joys of Flat Hunting in Sydney) I’ve finally got my own place. No longer do I experience the joys of being woken early on a weekend morning with the sound of smashing glass, the ramblings of drunken people, the wooping of temperamental fire alarms, the rumbling and clattering of garbage trucks from early morning to late evening, and the screech of an angle grinder from the two construction sites on the street.

I’ve moved to a more salubrious area called Centennial Park, which funnily enough is right next to Centennial Park. It’s about 3kms further out of the city than where I was at Taylor Sq/Surry Hills which unfortunately means it’s no longer a 1 minute stumble home after a few shandys, it’s now more like 25 mins. At 3 in the morning that feels like about 5 hours, hurrah for taxis.

I have space….so much space, and a balcony, I’ve even bought a table and chairs for it so I can sit out and read the paper of a weekend, drink, watch the sunset, noice ey. Being near the park there’s plenty of wildlife, namely birds. Cockatoos look nice when you see them flapping around but jesus christ are they noisy, you can hear them from miles away! Luckily they aren’t around as much as the Lorikeets which are as chirpy but not remotely as loud, they even pop up to the balcony for a chat, probably thinking they’ll get fed….oh how wrong they are.

I’m on the 5th floor and facing kinda south so get a nice view down to Botany Bay, I can see a tiny sliver of blue between the buildings, I like to call it a water view. I’m not overlooked so can wander round the flat naked if I so desire, though usually wear pants to avoid scaring the birds, haven’t quite made it to the balcony in pants yet tho….I’ll leave you with that thought.

I have had one disturbing event since moving in, my first huge bastard Oz spider encounter. Early one evening I saw this huge thing walking along near the entrance to the building, “Christ I’d crap myself if that thing was in my flat”, I thought to myself. It turns out I was having a premonition for the following morning as I was about to step into the shower what should I spy in the corner but a fecking Huntsman Spider bigger than my palm.

Yes I squealed like a girl, yes I flapped around, yes my heart was going about a million beats a second and yes I was thinking ‘How the hell am I gonna get that thing?’. Some insect spray and a shoe later it was battered in the bath, I bravely scooped it up in a newspaper and chucked it out of the window. Having to get near it was bad enough and my skin was still crawling when I finally got into the shower. What was more disturbing was the fact that the little bastard had crawled up 5 floors and decided to use my bathroom as an overnight stay….did it read my mind???

I sincerely hope that was the first and last Hunstman encounter I have.

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