Christmas in the Sand

La Perouse Beach

I’ve had two weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period and we’ve had some fantastic weather, especially today as I write this on New Years Eve, it’s a perfect day for the fireworks which will be lighting up Sydney Harbour later this evening. I managed to get one beach visit in so far which is where the image above was taken.

I recently got myself a new Samsung Omnia mobile phone which has a 5 mega-pixel camera so have been playing around with it. I tried the panoramic setting and was amazed how good it was and how cool the pics looked, I just wish they were a bit bigger. You should open the image full size to see the detail.

Off to the beach tomorrow for New Year’s Day I think as it’s supposed to be 34°C so be good to be near some water…..the only problem being when the air temperature is hot the water feels bloody freezing!

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