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20 Apr

Putting the ‘S’ in Mashable

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Mashable contacted me a few days ago to ask if the image above could be used in an article on the A to Z of iPhotography and I was more than happy to oblige. The article pulls together an image of each letter of the alphabet as taken by iPhone users and uploaded to Flickr. Check the article in full and click through to find me at ‘S’.

11 Apr

Bursting the Red Bubble

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I’ve finally started adding images to Red Bubble, the site which allows artists to sell direct to the public. You can buy a range of different formats from greetings cards to posters, canvas prints, framed prints and more. The widget below displays images currently available or you can jump straight to my portfolio.

23 Mar

Head On Portrait Prize 2011

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Head On Images

I’ve entered the two images above and one below into the 2011 Head On Portrait Prize. If you don’t know what Head On is all about, it started off as a an independent national photographic portrait competition and has morphed into a massive photography festival of which the portrait prize is just a part. 40 finalists are selected from thousands of entries, I should find out in early April if I’ve made it so wish me luck!

28 Feb

Bears Artspace 2011

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Lenny 9

I’m currently exhibiting at the Bears Artspace at the Monstrosity Gallery, 93 Bourke St, Woollomolloo, Sydney. The Artspace is part of the Bear Essentials festival run by Harbour City Bears alongside the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.

After a very busy and successful opening on Monday 21st Februrary I’ve already sold two images which is pretty exciting. The exhibition features 15 emerging artists working in various media. Pictured above is one of the images I have on display, all items are for sale and the exhibition runs until 6pm on Wednesday 2nd March.

18 Sep

365:2010 – August Highlights

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Here are my highlights from my birthday month of August which, looking back, seems to have been a pretty good month, there were too many to choose from if I say so myself! Remember if you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr, if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the latest photo posted daily to your news feed.

Concrete Curves

Underside of a section of the MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney. Sat 7 Aug


Afternoon sun illuminates a Darlinghurst laneway late afternoon. Mon 9 Aug


One of my favourite chocolate treats, Lindt Lindor. There are a few Lindt cafes in Sydney and you can get the full range with all sorts of great flavours like raspberry, cookies and cream, peppermint, and more! Tue 17 Aug


When you can’t find anything else to photograph there’s always yourself. Created using my iPhone and a loupe. Mon 23 Aug

Boardwalk Snooze

One way to pass a lunch hour is to take a snooze in the sun. Tue 24 Aug


One of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, this neon Coke sign on Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, has stood since 1976 in various guises. Wed 25 Aug


Brightly coloured party straws all in a row. Sun 29 Aug

02 Sep

365:2010 – July Highlights

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Running behind as always here are my highlights from the 365:2010 project for July. Remember if you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr, if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the latest photo posted daily to your news feed.


Sunlight creates a mirror image in the entrance to the Museum of Sydney. Thu 1 Jul

Wet Bench

A little bit of rain helps colours pop out in photos, here some orange peel and a newspaper are discarded on a long row of empty benches (see how the armrests continue into the distance) in Wynyard Park. Fri 9 Jul

Walking Through Triangles

Underneath the Plaza Building, Australia Square. Tue 13 Jul

Shades of Escher

Fire stairwell in my office building drops into the abyss, reminding me of the drawings of M.C.Escher. Tue 20 Jul


Watch your fingers! Wed 28 Jul


Wall feature of interlocking timber sections in the Piccadilly shopping centre food court, Sydney CBD. Fri 30 Jul

21 Jul

365:2010 – June Highlights and the big 200

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The 365:2010 project hit the big 200 milestone on Monday 19th July. Unfortunately the event completely passed me by as it was a working day and I didn’t even notice! The next biggie is 300 which falls on October 27th, I’ll try and remember that one.

So here are my highlights from all the images taken in June. Remember if you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr, if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the latest photo posted daily to your news feed.


I love finding colourful displays like this, racks of cotton reel in Lincraft. Tue 1 Jun

Rainy Day Blues

Looking up through a rain covered glass building entrance canopy.


This fairy tale like toadstool was sitting in a small cluster of them in Centennial Park.

Big Red Tomatoes

Cute little display of squeezy tomato ketchup dispensers in a kitchen accessories store.

Sink Reflection

White sinks, chrome taps, mirrors, black and white = good combination.

Under the Clocks

I couldn’t visit Melbourne without including an image of the famous entrance to Flinder’s Street Station. Many locals and visitors meet under the clocks.

Mystery Lift

Where exactly am I going to get off in this lift? Into a spaceship? Into infinity (and beyond)? Into a Star Wars Tie Fighter?? Or perhaps I just exceeded the weight limit.

06 Jul

EOS Festival of Photography

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Over the weekend I visited a couple of exhibitions which are part of Canon’s EOS Festival of Photography currently running in Sydney. Firstly, ‘Photos 1440‘ is an exhibition of images taken by Sydney Morning Herald photographers. 1440 represents the number of minutes in a day, though I’m pretty certain there aren’t that many images on display. A slideshow with a selection of images can be seen on the SMH site. Here’s one of my favourite images, taken by Dominic Postiglione:

Secondly was the ‘World Press Photo 2010‘, an exhibition I visit every year. It celebrates the best in photojournalism from around the world and features an amazing selection of images, some confronting. If you can’t make it to a city holding the exhibition you can view all the winners on the WPP site. Both exhibitions are on at the State Library of NSW with Photos1440 running until August 1st, and WPP10 finishing on July 25th. Here’s one of my favourites from the WPP, an amazing capture of a Stealth Bomber doing a flyover at the 95th Rose Bowl game, by Mark Holtzman:

13 Jun

365:2010 – May Highlights

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Month number 5 is done and dusted and here are my favourites from May. Remember if you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr, if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the latest photo posted daily to your news feed.


Shoppers pass by the bright and colour facade of the Chanel store in Westfield Bondi Junction.

Sun Shaft

Shafts of sunlight highlight a number of Sydney landmarks against a dark sky; left to right; tip of the Perpetual building, MLC centre, Sydney Tower, Commonwealth Bank, AWA building. Converted using the Magazine filter in the Camera Bag app on iPhone.

Autumn Leaf

A single leaf lies on the wet steps outside the Cook & Philip Park Pool.


Love the colours on this close up shot of mandarin peel, converted using the Colourcross filter in the Camera Bag app on iPhone.

Lunch Break

Office workers sit around a fountain in the Australia Square complex during their lunch break.


There’s a 3D craze happening right now, it’ll pass I’m sure, in the meantime I played with my newest iPhone app, Quad Camera, with these retro 3D glasses.

02 Jun

Citrusy Fresh!

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Citrus Orange 2

Over a dull, cloudy and occasionally rainy weekend I setup a little home project to take some close-up macro shots of citrus fruit in soda water. That may sound a little strange but the bright colours and bubbles can make for some interesting images:

Citrus Lemon & Lime 2

All the images from the set can be viewed on Flickr, feel free to leave comments!