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White Bay Power Station

A couple of weekends ago the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority held an open weekend at the disused White Bay Power Station in Rozelle. Above you’ll find my first foray into slideshows so you can either view the images that way or simply view the set on Flickr.

The power station was originally built between 1912 and 1917 the power station was decommissioned in 1983 and has been standing disused since. Fortunately the site has been heritage listed so won’t end up being a shopping mall or apartment complex. Currently there is no public access so the open weekend was the first opportunity to walk around this fascinating industrial site.

The highlight is the turbine hall, the biggest remaining space in the complex, so much so that it was a 15 min wait to get in and you only had about the same amount of time before you were ushered out. But there are plenty of other great features to photograph around the complex; meters and dials left in their last position before the station was shutdown, switches covered in dust, intricate piping and valves, and tons of other stuff.

I think there are plans to turn it into an event venue similar to Cockatoo Island which would be pretty cool, definitely a great place for photo shoots. Check the full set on Flickr.


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