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365:2010 – May Highlights

Month number 5 is done and dusted and here are my favourites from May. Remember if you want to see more of 365:2010 you can visit the set on Flickr, if you have a Facebook account you can become a fan and get the latest photo posted daily to your news feed.


Shoppers pass by the bright and colour facade of the Chanel store in Westfield Bondi Junction.

Sun Shaft

Shafts of sunlight highlight a number of Sydney landmarks against a dark sky; left to right; tip of the Perpetual building, MLC centre, Sydney Tower, Commonwealth Bank, AWA building. Converted using the Magazine filter in the Camera Bag app on iPhone.

Autumn Leaf

A single leaf lies on the wet steps outside the Cook & Philip Park Pool.


Love the colours on this close up shot of mandarin peel, converted using the Colourcross filter in the Camera Bag app on iPhone.

Lunch Break

Office workers sit around a fountain in the Australia Square complex during their lunch break.


There’s a 3D craze happening right now, it’ll pass I’m sure, in the meantime I played with my newest iPhone app, Quad Camera, with these retro 3D glasses.


Citrusy Fresh!

Citrus Orange 2

Over a dull, cloudy and occasionally rainy weekend I setup a little home project to take some close-up macro shots of citrus fruit in soda water. That may sound a little strange but the bright colours and bubbles can make for some interesting images:

Citrus Lemon & Lime 2

All the images from the set can be viewed on Flickr, feel free to leave comments!

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