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Nights get Vivid in Sydney

Projection Trail 2

Between the end of May and early June, Sydney held it’s first Vivid Light Festival. A number of light installations were featured in and around Circular Quay and The Rocks areas of the city near the harbour. The Opera House was a focal point with ever-changing images projected on to both sides of the sails. On the final night of the festival I wandered round with hundreds of others to view the installations before they remove. I’ve added a selection of images showing the hjighlights of the festival which includes a number of projections on to the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art:

Museum of Contemporary Art 1


Recorded is our love….

Recorded is our love.....

This short love poem drew my attention the other day. It was scrawled on a wall at the back of a petrol station in Surry Hills, Sydney. You don’t often find guys professing their love for each other in grafitti, I just thought it was really cool. I wonder who Dave and Johnny are?


Feathered visitors pop by for a Sunday chat

Couple of Lorikeets pop by for a visit

A couple of local lorikeets decided to stop by on my balcony and have a nose through the windows this afternoon. I’m sure they thought they might get a little something to eat but not this time… seemed that they were a courting couple as eventually they proceeded to have an afternoon shag on my railings, charming!


Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir 4

Paddington Reservoir is a brand new urban park in the Sydney suburb of Paddington (funnily enough). It opened on 29th March 2009 and I finally got a chance to have a wander around a couple of weeks ago. What makes this space really interesting is it’s history. It started life as a water reservoir in 1878 and lasted until 1899.

It then became a garage and workshop for the Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board, and later a service station, until it was acquired by the Paddington Municipal Council for much-needed open space.

Then from 1934, the lower level was leased as a commercial garage. That was how it remained until 1991, when sections of the roof collapsed and the reserve was closed to the public. It has remained in a state of decay ever since.

The revitalisation has made excellent use of the space and kept many original features creating and fascinating mixture of old and new elements. But if you check out the images you’ll see what i’m on about.

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