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Time for a catch up

Well it’s been a while and my attempts to blog regularly have failed miserably….oh well, things and people to do! It’s been a busy few months photo wise……

Chunky Montage

I’ve done the shoot for a couple of dance parties run by the Harbour City Bears called ‘Chunky’. The posters have been used in various bars and on the streets to promo the events in January and April.

Mardi Gras came and went at the end of February as quick as it always does. Again I got a media pass this year and took images from the pre-parade setup and the parade itself. The weather was kind and it was another successful and fun night.

For Easter this year I visited Auckland and the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand for the long weekend. Stunning scenery and  gorgeous weather helped to make a great, relaxing weekend.

I finally got myself a film scanner so I could scan the negatives from a black and white course I did a year or so ago. My favourites from that course are a series of images I took with a friend of mine called Carlos. Definitely would like to pursue this sort of photography more.

And finally I paid my first visit to Canberra over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend recently. Visited the Australian War Memorial (above) and Parliament House. The main reason for the visit was the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, had to treat myself to a $120 book from the exhibition full of stunning photographs, would love to be able to produce those sorts of images at some point. However if you don’t like the cold you don’t visit Canberra in the winter!

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