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Help me I’m melting!

So it’s the start of the Australia Day long weekend and we get one of the hottest days of the summer so far here in Sydney. Rather than a photo this is a screenshot of the Sydney Morning Herald weather page in the afternoon (click on the image for the full size version). Now 40.8°C isn’t exactly the hottest temperature in the world but it’s more than enough for me! It’s the sort of day where you close the windows to keep the heat out.

Later in the afternoon went down to the beach was surprisingly quiet, guess it was too hot for most people but it was a good way to finish the day, however walking across the sand was near impossible, like walking over hot coals….not that I’ve done that but it must be close.

At 6.30pm a southerly change blew in…..that basically means that the winds change direction all of a sudden and blow in from the south. Down here southerlies are nice and cool and the change usually happens real quick, in fact it probably dropped about 10 degrees in 30 minutes and was a very very welcome relief. At that point there was mass exodus of the beach and Sydney’s hottest day in a while was over.

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