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Media Whore

Simon, Paul and me at Fag Tag at the Opera Bar

You know as a man-about-town socialite type I often find myself at the mercy of wandering paparrazi. Now a couple of the most recent pics have found there way on to the internet. It’s just something you have to deal with I guess. The pic above was taken at Fag Tag on Sunday 18th November at the Opera Bar, on the left is Simon and another Paul on the right. Fag Tag is a roaming party which runs monthly and takes over a venue which is mainly straight in it’s usual life.

Below was taken a couple of weeks ago at the Flinders Hotel (hotel = pub in oz) on a Friday night which is the Harbour City Bears Den Night, obviously I’m far too young to be a bear, I’m a cub! This one actually made it to print too…..splashed all over Hello mag, well actually SX which is one of Sydney’s weekly gay freesheets, not quite Hello but about as close as I’m gonna get!

Heiko, James and me at the Flinders Hotel
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