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Spring has sprung and the blow ins arrive

Well you know spring has arrived in Sydney when you’re walking down the street and you feel like you’ve stumbled on to the set of ‘Revenge of the Killer Moths’.

Well they’re not exactly killers but the Bogong plague is still a little disturbing when you’re walking around with a cloud of the things flapping around you. It doesn’t happen every year, it depends on the wind you see. As they migrate from the plains of Queensland to the Australian Alps in southern New South Wales a strong westerly wind can sweep them off course and into Sydney, so here they are again.

For some reason it seems to happen every year, they even made headlines during the 2000 Olympics. Those who are a little more adventurous can take advantage of the invasion to whip up some dinner.

I spent about 15 minutes Saturday morning catching around 10 of the little buggers from various nooks and crannies in my bedroom. I don’t mind them too much….it’s more when they flap out from behind curtains and crannies and fly straight at you that I start flapping my arms around and screaming like a girl.

Luckily it’s not as bad in my area as it is in the city, where they are drawn by the flourescent lights. The walls of some buildings in the city are literally covered in the things of an evening.

Thankfully it’ll all be over soon. They only hang around for a couple of weeks before realising they’re in the wrong place and flapping their way back towards the Alps.

Next on the list of plagues as the weather warms up….flies. Good job the blue skies and sunny days make it all worthwhile.


Homecoming Tour 2007….belated

London Eye from the Jubilee Bridge

Jeez….talk about being a lazy arse. It’s only a month and a half since I got back from the Homecoming Tour and I’ve only just decided to add to the blog….maybe it was the jet lag. I’m quite certain that next time I’ll be flying business class, not that the flights were that bad but I just don’t do sleeping very well unless I”m practically horizontal.

First up….the pics. Of course I took hundreds but luckily for those that are time limited these have been whittled down to the cream of the cream. They’re all on Flickr with albums for Brighton, Berlin, London and Norwich.

It was marvellous to see everyone again and catch up. The weather was glorious for the first weekend at Brighton Pride, but after that I was quickly reminded how little I miss the British weather….genius timing of mine to pick the worst summer in the UK for years.

Berlin was warm and steamy, a stunning city with so much history. It was good to be back in London where I played the full on tourist by visiting the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the new Wembley Stadium, none of which I’d never even been to.

And then back to the home town. Arriving at Norwich Station was very surreal, Norwich Union don’t sponsor the clock anymore…..oh how things have changed. Well actually to be precise, how not much has changed. Other than the big developments which I’d never seen like Chapelfield, the Bus Station and the Market, it was all very familiar.

As well as friends and family I caught up on all those other things I’d missed…..soft American cookies from Sainsbury’s/Tescos, Oat and Raisin…mmmmm!, proper Fish and Chips, Ben & Jerry’s, a decent selection of diet drinks (note the food theme here), a decent selection of newspapers and magazines, British telly, Sky, pints of semi-skimmed milk….probably more but that’s all I can thing of now.

The next hol definately has to be a week lying on a beach doing bugger all, Fiji or Vanuatu maybe. Travelling is nice but sometimes you just wanna do nothing for a week. And to all those back home, remember there’s an open invitation to visit Sydney, come on….it’s your turn now!

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