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06 Nov

Kylie Countdown

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5 days and counting to the big comeback concert. Originally I was travelling round Oz when her concerts were on and I was never going to be in the right city at the right time. But then they got postponed, and in a fortunate turn of events those people that couldn’t make the rescheduled shows returned their tickets, meaning people like me could jump in and get them instead.

So I’m off to the first night of the comeback tour at the Sydney Entertainment Centre this Saturday 11th November, the night before I fly to NZ for my three week sojourn. It’s gonna be absolutely bloody amazing, can you imagine what’s gonna happen when she comes out on stage, the place will go off!! I suspect gays and 12 year olds will be fainting left, right and centre. Now I’ve just gotta work out how to get an invite/pass to the after party.

At some point during my NZ travels I’ll try and let you know how fabulous it was.