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14 Oct

2nd Anniversary Edition

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Blimey o’reilly if it isn’t two years since I stepped off the plane at Perth airport and set foot on Australian soil….or tarmac.…for the first time. I would say doesn’t time fly but it does feel like 2 years, not that it feels like a long 2 years. Of course it’s actually 2 years and a bit since I left the UK but there was a 3 week stop in South Africa first…..I completely missed that anniversary on September 12th.

So today it’s 37C which is absolutely ridiculous, I think the first beach visit of the season is very likely. Plus to commemorate the anniversary of my arrival it’s a public holiday in Oz. There are many traditions which must be upheld on this day including; drink at least one vodka and diet coke with lemon in a tall glass, sing at least one karaoke song, visit Westfield Bondi Junction, eat chocolate and make sure you use the word “trousers” not “pants”, “flip flops” not “thongs”, “crisps” not “chips”, “sweets” not “lollies”, “pants” not “jocks”, etc….in other words speak proper English!

Talking of public holidays there was one a couple of weekends ago….Labour Day, dunno what it’s for but it was bloody nice to have a long weekend. You get bugger all holiday over here (I only get 20 days compared to the 25 I used to have in the UK) so the 10 standard public holidays are well needed.

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The weekend kicked off with the ACON Gala Preview of ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert, The Musical‘ at the Lyric Theatre, Star City. Yes if you haven’t heard already the super gay camp as camp film has made it to the stage and it has it’s world premiere and first run here in Sydney….where else. What we didn’t know when we went to see it was that it was the first night they’d actually run the show on the stage, it was the start of a week of previews before it opens to the public for real.

So as you can imagine there were a few teething problems, including a computerised bus which had decided to acquire artificial intelligence and not move when it should, and proceed to spin round when it shouldn’t almost wiping out the cast. It was amusing for the first hour or so but the breaks got a bit tedious. However the cast were great and the audience got behind them and after about 3 hours the end came.

When it’s all finished and the problems are ironed out it will be amazing, some of the big numbers are fantastic. Luckily they offered a voucher to everyone in the audience to get another ticket to go back and see it again….finished we hope. There would probably have been riot if they hadn’t offered that considering we all paid $100 a ticket! There was an afterparty at the Star City Showroom where local drags, the cast and the audience mingled, all very nice and plenty of cheap fake champagne around.

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On Saturday morning went down to a little ocean town called Kiama for a couple of days with Carl & Carlos (yes they are a couple), and their friend Michael. It’s about 2 hours drive south of Sydney. We stayed in a luxury 2 bed apartment which was pretty close to the water, ocean view from the lounge, lovely lovely. Generally the weekend was spent eating shite, eating out for breakfast and dinner and nibbling crap all day.

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It was also a sporty weekend, not doing, watching. Sat afternoon we watched the AFL Grand Final (that’s Aussie Rules Football) whilst drinking port and eating cheese and crackers….you see that’s how gays watch sport, very civilised. Then Sunday evening we flicked over to the NRL Grand Final (that’s National Rugby League) during the ad breaks in Australian Idol….you see gays do still prefer reality TV singing competitions to sport.

Kiama has a blowhole, it’s very exciting, you stand on some rocks and water spurts up, it’s a big tourist attraction you know. The most amusing part is watching Japanese tourists getting soaked when the wind whisks the water in unexpected directions.

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Kiama is also close to Jamberoo which is some teeny little village inland and is most well known for it’s water park….(sorry “action park”), “where you control the action” apparently. We went there on Sunday, sun was out and sky was blue but there was a slightly chilly wind. However we ripped our clothes off and braved it to go on the slides, fake beach, plunge pools, rapid river…..etc. Darn good fun actually though unfortunately there was lots of screaming brat children but it was tolerable.

So a jolly marvellous weekend was had by all….

Now must quickly jump on my soapbox….you must must MUST go and see ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘, it is one of the most informative and disturbing documentaries you’ll have ever seen. And if you’ve ever questioned the official account of 9/11 then you should read ‘The New Pearl Harbor‘ by David Ray Griffin, it poses a huge number of questions about how a world superpower with all it’s military defenses allowed this to happen.