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22 Sep


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I have few singing outlets at the mo, what with not having a car to drive around in and belt a few tunes on the way. How I miss being able to sing in the car, in your own little bubble, no one else to hear you, of course you have to stop when someone’s pulled up beside you, unless you’re feeling particularly brave.

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So thank god for karaoke, or thank the Japanese. Having not done it for ages I had a recent burst with two events, firstly my 32nd birthday. Off we went to Karaoke World on Elizabeth St. It’s one of these places with different size rooms where you have your own karaoke machines, mics and sound systems and you can just sing your heart out with friends and without disturbing the general public. You wonder what else goes on considering security check you over with one of those metal detector wands before you can get in the door…..some Triad activity by any chance???<

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Even though it was my birthday I was gallant enough to allow other people to use the mic. Those brave enough to come along were King, Chris, Mark, Carlos, Carl, Heiko and Raul. Not everyone sang, Chris unleashed his inner performer….well actually it’s not very inner, it’s pretty much there most of the time. I thought about just working my way through the song book from A-Z but with about 10000 songs to choose from I couldn’t quite squeeze them in to the couple of hours I’d booked the room for.

In the haze of the last month or so I fail to recall exactly what I did sing but titles that spring to mind include ‘Tonight’ from West Side Story, ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’ by The Streets, er…um….that’s all I can remember at the mo, but you can be certain that there were many many many many many more during the evening.

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Opportunity number 2 came last week with PKF Idol, PKF being the company I work for, Idol being Idol. The new series of Australian Idol has been on for a few weeks so it was a fitting time to hold the event, the second one apparently. I was hoping that they would have gone to the effort of using the set of Oz Idol and getting the Oz Idol judges in (by the way that’s 3 people you’ll probably have never heard of…it’s all very local). Did they do that? Of course not, we ended up in the function room of The Forbes Hotel (now remember in oz hotel also = pub).

In the end there were 8 contestants including of course me. The excitement and apprehension was bordering on mild. I was 2nd to sing, luckily the first singer was rubbish so I didn’t have much to follow. My song for the evening was Will Young’s ‘Light My Fire’, a song I’ve done bajillions of times. I did wrestle with trying something new but frankly it was too disturbing a thought to cock it up in front of people you work with. The judges comments were excellent, verging on gushing, as to be expected.

In the end a bloody novelty act won!! Two girls singing ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ complete with 80s costumes and an appropriate alcohol level to pull it off. Being gracious in defeat I will say that they were actually pretty funny so deserved the gold cup with microphone for a handle. I’m sure the video footage of my performance will end up on YouTube at some point but I haven’t quite got it all figured out yet. Then I expect music producers and record companies to flood me with offers within seconds.

A selection of pics from birthday karaoke, PKF Idol and the launch of Body Combat 29 at Living Well Hilton are now in my Webshots album so off you go….